SEO Tips & Tricks

Warning: Do not use Flash on a Website you want to optimize for search engines. Using Flash will result in your site taking longer to load and parts of it won’t be read by search engine spiders. Search engines do not index Flash.

While these articles don’t promise the very top ranking in search engines they provide quality information for you to know.

1. Setting up an SEO Friendly WordPress Site is an good article if you have a WordPress site or want to set up one and aren’t too familiar with SEO.

2. Patrick McKenzie’s SEO Tricks provides some SEO tricks. Even if you’re advanced with SEO, you may want to read this.

3. Making Content Memorable. If you run a blog, it’s important to not put your time and energy into getting tweets, likes, +1’s, etc. Why? Because it’s still not totally clear how these play into Google’s ranking. You should be spending your time focusing on producing great content. This SEO Copywriting (SuccessWorks) article gives a good overview of how to make an article memorable.

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Stay Updated on SEO

Staying updated on Google algorithm changes is important. Of course, there are a few principles that are timeless and good policy. For example, maintaining a quality site with accurate information is top priority because content is king. These things won’t change.

Being aware of any changes or updates to the Google guidelines and complying with them is critical. These resources will help you do that. They also contain solid advice that you can use for your SEO efforts. Add these blogs to your RSS reader to stay on top of all things SEO:

1. Google Webmaster Central Blog is the official Google blog for all things related to its search engine. It’s written for webmasters.

2. Google Algorithm Changelog is a good, unofficial resource where you can find the change history to the Google algorithm.

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Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Here are free optimization tools to improve your Website ranking in search engines.

1. Google Webmaster Tools is a suite of tools provided by Google. Before you look at any other tool, check this one out  For help using Webmaster Tools visit this page. Also visit Bing Webmaster Tools.

2. Open Site Explorer is also known as the search engine for links. It’s a Moz creation. This tool allows you to see who links to your Website. You can find links that point to old and broken pages and research competitors to see who links to them. To see the toolbar and view the product demo, visit this page. In order to understand this tool, you’ll need to be familiar with the terms Page Authority and Domain Authority. Note: this is a limited free tool. You can pay for enhanced access.

3. Microsoft SEO Toolkit is a The Microsoft made SEO tool.

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